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All things are possible to those who believe. - Aesock

Edison as a Boy

Aesock uses historical fiction to empower young readers to achieve greatness. Stories emphasize creative problem solving, individuality, invention, courage, and self-confidence.

Lights, Camera, Edison! is the first chapter book in the Aesock's Travels series. Written primarily for readers ages seven to ten, the story introduces youngsters to Thomas Edison as a seven-year-old boy riddled with doubt and struggling in school with a hearing problem. By presenting Edison in this manner, young readers can explore commonalities between their own lives and the life of Thomas Alva Edison, a boy who overcame great adversity and went on to achieve greatness.

This series:

  • Educates young readers by introducing them to great men and women in history;
  • Enlightens by demonstrating how many famous achievers overcame great odds and tremendous fears to attain their dreams;
  • Introduces the concepts, skills and characteristics needed to overcome adversity, improve self-esteem, and turn obstacles into opportunities;
  • Inspires children to read more, reach beyond the boundaries of their own minds, and achieve greatness in any endeavor they choose; and
  • Entertains through humorous, compelling stories.

Upcoming books will feature Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, and Paul Revere, American Patriot.


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