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Aesock's Mission

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Aesock’s mission is simple.

We believe the future lies in the hands of our children. No matter what race, color, country or religion, the littlest members of this generation will be responsible for reshaping the world in which we live. They will be our keepers. For this reason -- if no other--we should strive to provide them with the best possible education to assist them in their quest. But learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide; how to read and how to write; how to speak and how to recite, does not address the perpetual challenge that has plagued humankind in its pursuit of greatness since the beginning of time. We must teach our children to have courage.

Courage is the precursor of all great deeds, inventions, and change. For without courage, our children will remain shackled by fear, doubts, recriminations and guilt. They will grow up to believe those who say through their words or actions that they’re not good enough to be great. And over time, little by little, they’ll “learn” that they should not aspire to accomplish greatness for they are too small, too weak, or too ordinary.

Many great men and great women started out as ordinary individuals with ordinary lives. Greatness does not require that one come from a wealthy family, have the “correct” color skin, know the “right” language or reside at the best address. Greatness is the birthright of everyone. And thus, achieving greatness is possible for any of us…if we believe and have the courage to act upon those beliefs.

The new millennium is filled with eminent changes and overwhelming challenges. This is as it should be, for growth does not come without change. We are here to make a difference, and it is our charge to do so. Part of the difference we can make is by teaching our children to believe in themselves, believe in their dreams, believe in their hope for a brighter future and believe in each other.

Everything is linked. Science has proven that a butterfly flapping its wings in South America could ultimately affect the outcome of a hurricane off the coast of the United States. Scientific revelations such as this demonstrate how each small action can have a significant, and yet unseen, impact on the rest of the world. Nothing we do, nothing we say, nothing we think is without impact. Seen or unseen…we are all linked.

As a teacher, parent or adult, the development of those who will determine our future lies in your hands. By making a difference in the life of one child, you make a difference in the lives of all of us.

Teach your children well.

With gratitude,

Gretchen McMasters


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