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Aesock's World

The Sockology of Aesock

Aesock is every good feeling you’ve ever had. Remember your favorite birthday? Your best Christmas? That's Aesock. He’s a Wiseman and a philosopher, a historian and a poet, a storyteller and a teacher. He's a mystical, magical, spiritual creature made of socks. In short, he's Santa Claus with static cling.

flying hamperRumor has it that Aesock lives seven miles east of Static Island, and that darn place is proud to call him one of their own. His beginnings -- humble or not (although humble seems highly unlikely) -- are a mystery. His age is elusive, but it seems he's been around forever. While no one really knows when he was born, you can't imagine a world without him.

flying hamperAesock loves laundry. This is no big surprise since he feels a close attraction to things that resemble him. (Not to mention that are closely attracted to him.) You can always find him sliding down a linen chute, hanging out in the basement with the washer or dryer, or piled into his magical laundry hamper, traveling through time. He can pop-up whenever, and wherever, he wants.

Children have the ability to see Aesock as do the individuals he time-travels back to see. However, adults in this dimension only have a sense of his existence left deep in their subconscious from their own childhood. This is reinforced periodically when they do the laundry and come up one sock short. When Aesock must hide, he dissolves into a pile of laundry.

Aesock's Mission

Aesock is a world-renowned time traveler. However, there's a catch (or a cling). He creates static cling that causes socks to stick to him. He tries to avoid this sticky process, but the socks keep coming. So much so, that he has baskets full of them all over the place. His mission is to return them to their rightful owners.

To accomplish this goal, Aesock and his human sidekicks, Benjamin and Olivia, will travel back in time to visit some of the world's most famous historical figures. Along the way, Benjamin and Olivia will not only learn history, but to believe in their dreams, themselves, and their quests. Prior to hamper liftoff, Aesock will be heard expressing his favorite truth, "All things are possible to those who believe!”


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